Principal’s Massage

Dr. Latif Ahmad Tayyab


Dear Readers, Welcome to the AIMS. I am delighted that you are holding a copy of our prospectus in your hands and seriously thinking to make AIMS your choice destination for Para-Medical education.
The purpose of the institute is to produce highly skilled Para-Medical staff to solve real health problems of the country and to improve people’s quality of life. Proper professional education is must for a nation to progress. It is a vibrant, student centered institution with a vision to bring qualitative and quantitative revolution in Para-Medical education. The institute offers (approximately) all the courses of Para-Medical studies. To achieve our goal, we have an experienced, highly qualified and dedicated faculty. AIMS is a fantastic place to study. There is no doubt that you will have a truly enjoyable experience here. Committed to quality, we aim to “get things right” from the first moment contact is made with the institute. As you read this prospectus, you will appreciate the many ways in which we can help and support you to fulfill your aspirations. We want to make the institute outstanding to produce not only qualified but also the confident. If you believe that AIMS is the right place for you, do apply and be a part of the best to bring out the best. With sincere regards.